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0: Opening Drum Circle (PD) Limit 150
Join your fellow drummers of all skill levels as we organize the sound by which 1,000 people will make their way to Ingathering. John Amein has been a percussionist for 40 years and though SUUSI became excited about African drumming.
FREE Su 6-6:45pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
100: Make Your Own Powerful Mala CANCELLED
Join April Kline, intuitive bodyworker, midwife and spiritual guide, on a unique journey of self discovery. You will make your own prayer beads (mala) using your intuition and April's guidance and learn how to use this powerful tool in your practice. April Kline has been practicing intuitive bodywork and spiritual healing for over twelve years. She is also owner and designer of Wearable Prayers.
$74 Th 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
101: There are Unitarians in India Limit 100
Yes, there are Unitarians in India: Come share our experience getting to know these committed and devoted folks, who have churches large and small in northeast India and have started schools, from Kindergarten through tenth grade, in their villages. Sandy and Marcia are both retired high school teachers who have attended SUUSI together since 2001. After many trips to Europe, India was different.
$9 Th 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
110: Playing Acoustic Blues Guitar Limit 12
In this workshop, you will learn to finger pick and strum the blues. We will create a blues song, learn to play it and then learn different riffs to make the song more interesting, fresh and just plain cool. Some guitar experience is necessary. Tret has been playing guitar for 52 years. Her first professional job was lead blues guitarist for Spencer Davis. She's been teaching for 40 years.
$29 MT 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
111: Folk Music: The Hero's Journey CANCELLED
Drawing on the ideas of mythologist and anthropologist Joseph Campbell, this course will look at the common threads of heroes and heroines in Folk Music. From ancient times to modern, music documents the hero's journey with surprising revelations. Joe Jencks is an international touring musician, performer, songwriter, lay preacher, lecturer, and co-founder of the harmony trio, Brother Sun.
$62 TWThF 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 17+
112: The Kitchen Sink Orchestra CANCELLED
Make a joyful noise on anything that can be banged, twanged, tooted, tapped, scraped, or rattled! Using rhythm and improv games, home-made and conventional instruments, we'll make music that is cooperative, inclusive, inventive, and fun. Zoe Mulford is a touring songwriter and former baker.
$29 TW 10am-Noon Drop-In Ages: 14+
113: Empower Your Voice Limit 21
Learn to “put your best voice forward” in this interactive workshop aligning your inner voice and outer voice - or vice versa! Feel nobody hears you? Lose your voice, literally or figuratively? For speakers, singers, anyone freeing their true voice! Amy's a UU minister, national performing songwriter/composer, recording artist, workshop facilitator, voice and song coach. This is her 17th SUUSI!
$35 MTWTh 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
114: Exploring the Blues Limit 25
In this workshop we will trace the history of the blues, listen to the music of blues legends like Robert Johnson, B.B. King and Muddy Waters, examine the impact of blues music on rock & roll, and even write some blues songs of our own. Shirley Mier lives "up north" in the Twin Cities, MN, where she is a composer of theatre and band music and a music professor at Century College.
$19 TTh 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
115: Music and Social Change CANCELLED
A five day immersion into the music that has accompanied and inspired social change. An active look at Race, culture, myth, and power, through the eyes of our greatest troubadours - from Woody to Ani. We'll sing, listen, interact, and be inspired. Professional singer/songwriter, member of Brother Sun with 7 solo CDs, 2 group CDs. Plays guitar, piano, ukulele, from Carnegie Hall to living rooms.
$43 MTWThF 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
116: Messages in the Music (ES) Limit 14
Music is an integral part of our lives, offering meaning and connection. Participants will share songs & stories from 6 categories: Makes Me Dance; Surprised Me; Coping with Loss; Remembering; Love/Break Up Songs; Makes Me Sing Along. Bring CDs/MP3s. Rev. Chip Roush is the minister at the First Unitarian Church of South Bend. Rev. Jan Taddeo is the minister at the UU Congregation of Gwinnett.
$26 MWF 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
120: Tap 101 (PD) Limit 20
Make a rhythmic noise! Tap dance is an inspiring American art form that will put a spring in your step. All levels are welcome, although this class will be geared toward the absolute beginner. Come join the fun! Kate Clark studies tap with the legendary Acia Gray in Austin, Texas. She loves to share this dance with others because it makes her feel happy!
$26 MWF 10-11am Preferred Ages: 14+
121: Tai Chi (PD) Limit 50
Tai chi is a gentle exercise performed standing is designed to improve health while creating a feeling of well-being. The goal of the class is for each participant to feel more alert and upbeat as a result of this practice. Janet Hoegler has taught Tai chi for over 18 years with students aged from teenagers to elderly in both short-term classes and continuing practice.
$15 MTWThF 10-11am Preferred Ages: 14+
122: Slacklining - A Fine Balance (PD) Limit 10
Slacklining is a practice in balance that uses nylon webbing between two anchor points. In this class, participants will have opportunities to practice sitting, kneeling, standing, and perhaps walking on the line! Mina is a SUUSI veteran, a yogi, a speech therapist, and a breast cancer survivor. This is her fourth year teaching this workshop at SUUSI!
$32 TWTh 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
123: Morning Yoga (PD) Limit 22
Class will include meditation breathwork, Iyengar and Ashtanga (flow) & restorative poses. Although beginner to intermediate poses will be taught with props & modifications for all levels, participants should have at least a moderate level of fitness. Janet Turner-Hampton is a Certified Yoga Instructor registered with Yoga Alliance since 2003. Her style of teaching is encouraging & playful.
$34 MTWTh 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
124: Ultimate Frisbee (PD) Limit 50
Come out and learn and play this fun and invigorating sport that is played across the country. There will be hands on instruction and live games. It's great exercise and a great way to make new friends. All skill levels are welcome. James founded and runs his college team at Broward College and plays every week. Shawn plays at UF. Both are addicts and love to teach.
$12 TTh 10am-Noon Drop-In Ages: 14+
125: Yoga for Stress Release Limit 10
Restorative yoga is beginner friendly and stress relieving. We'll ease into passive poses using props and incorporate Thai Yoga assists to achieve maximum bliss! No prior yoga experience required. Bring yoga mat and blanket. Kim is a certified yoga teacher with Thai Yoga training, and will be performing with husband, Roy Schneider at Tuesday night concert hour.
$34 MTWTh 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 18+
126: How to Meditate Limit 24
It seems simple: sit still, empty your mind, concentrate. Yet no other practice can surpass meditation's ability to awaken your magnificent High Self. This life-changing workshop takes you thru several reliable techniques leading to peace/love/joy. Phoenix Putney, CYT, has practiced yoga and meditation since 1988, and shared it at SUUSI since '93. Her teaching is imbued with passion and Spirit.
$12 M 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
127: Meditation, Continued (ES) CANCELLED
You've discovered the many benefits of meditation--and obstacles preventing maximum fulfillment. Learn simple techniques to overcome them, plus practical applications and the grandest of finales: an extended guided/silent meditation. see "How to Meditate"
$12 W 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
128: The Joy of Yoga (PD) Limit 24
The great yogi Paramahansa Yogananda identified JOY (bliss) as the primary goal of life, and asserted that yoga was the best way to unleash it. Let's test that theory with hatha, japa, and raja yoga. Bring a yoga mat - and prepare to smile a lot. PHOENIX HARMONY PUTNEY, proprietor of Holistic Yoga, Greensboro, has been practicing yoga and meditation since 1988 and sharing it at SUUSI since '93.
$9 F 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
129: Awaken Your Chakras (PD) Limit 24
The vortices of energy along your spine store your entire history. Understanding and unclogging them can release tremendous potential approaching ecstasy. After viewing introductory videos, we will employ Ananda Yoga to access them. Bring a yoga mat. see "Joy of Yoga"
$10 T 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
130: Doodling Meditation Limit 20
This workshop will combine the artistic spiritual practices of doodling, Zentangle, "Praying in Color," and Mandalas. We will focus on the practice, not the product, but you'll find that you have created beautiful art. Cynthia Landrum led workshops on artistic spiritual practice at Chalice Sparx, a UU camp. For more info, see her UU World Article (Fall, 2014).
$34 MWF 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
131: SUUSI for Introverts Limit 20
SUUSI is an extrovert's Mecca. But did you know it's also a great place for introverts? In this one-day workshop, introverts will learn ways to protect their personal space and recharge in solitude, while being full members of the SUUSI community. A self-identified introvert and 14-year SUUSI veteran, Laura Laing has carefully honed her introvert-coping skills for many years.
$9 M 10am-Noon Drop-In Ages: 14+
132: Outdoor "Sunrise" Gentle Yoga (PD) Limit 30
Embrace your SUUSI day with breath, stretching and gentle movements in this "sunrise" 7am yoga class. We will meet outdoors to welcome the sun and one another. This gentle yoga class will have an emphasis on slow, long movements guided by breath. Wendy Swanson is a registered yoga instructor, licensed acupuncturist and has been practicing for over 20 years. She owns Be Yoga in Charlotte, NC.
$18 MTWTh 7-7:50am Drop-In Ages: 14+
133: Camp Way of the Hammock CANCELLED
The Way of the Hammock will give you modern life skills to change your relationship to stress. You will be introduced into a design process and to skills that you can use immediately to create more calm, clarity and connection in your life. Marga Odahowski, M.S. E. is an executive mindfulness consultant and coach.
$28 MT 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
136: Phonography: Phone Photography Limit 25
The best camera anyone can have is the one they carry with them. So, for most people, that is their phone. It doesn't matter what brand (as long as it's a smart phone). Come learn to shoot, edit, and share your phone pictures right then and there. Elyse Brunt, a professional teacher, has taught several photography classes at SUUSI. At home, she teaches photography and judges at local camera clubs.
$9 T 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
138: Intro to Self Hypnosis CANCELLED
Maximize your brain power with self hypnosis! Do you have a habit, belief or pattern you'd like to "reprogram"? Participants will learn fun and easy techniques for making lasting positive changes in their lives. Cheryl DeDecker is a Board Certified Hypnotist and has advanced training in Complementary Medical Hypnosis and HypnoCoaching®.
$26 MWF 10am-Noon Required Ages: 17+
140: Comics & Sequential Art Intro Limit 10
Step into the classic world of graphic storytelling with Roy Schneider, one of our performers and former syndicated cartoonist! Learn the process from concept to inked page, with discussions on writing and finalization for print-ready digital imagery. Roy Schneider is a full-time touring singer songwriter and former syndicated newspaper cartoonist, and will be our Tuesday night concert performer.
$44 MTWTh 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
141: Goosebumps & Shivers & Stories (ES) Limit 40
Creativity and writing workshop. We will explore our inner world and get creative as we write our personal & universal stories. Writing, language, craft, honesty, imagery, truth, songs and poems that connect us all. Bring a notebook and a pen. Wednesday night concert hour performer, Joe Crookston is a nationally touring songwriter, facilitator, visual artist, guitarist, and fiddler.
$18 MT 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
142: The Writing Way CANCELLED
This workshop is a fun exploration of writing. The exercises are geared toward breaking down one's internal critic. We try poetry, guided story, songwriting, co-writing, and journaling. Kiya (of Stealin Horses and Wishing Chair) is an award winning internationally touring singer songwriter, author and poet.
$43 MTWThF 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
143: Fun with Journaling CANCELLED
Adding Pizazz to your Journals: Don't just write about the weather and how many times you walked the dog. We'll learn and share new ideas for writing, new ways to write - you don't have to stay on the lines - and use different tools to do it. Marcia is a retired high school teacher, who has attended SUUSI with her partner since 2001. She also experienced her first SUUFI last Fall.
$26 MT 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
144: UU Writer's Workshop Limit 35
Come explore writing styles and UU topics. Some writing exercises will be chalice lightings, poetic analogies and personal messages for Sunday services. Informal workshop for novice to experienced writers! Find that UU author or poet in you... Carolyn Sant Angelo is a novice writer inspired to improve her craft and support other writers. She is a teacher and has presented numerous services.
$17 MW 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
145: Writing & Discussion for Women Limit 16
For many women writing is an integral part of voicing their thoughts and working through important times, as well as difficult situations. Come prepared to gain new perspectives & surprise yourself, then when ready, share with others. Annie Golson has a degree in English-Speech-Psychology& attended 22 writers' workshops, but still enjoys writing.
$34 MTWTh 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 21+
148: Let's Talk Genealogy Limit 20
Are you one of the millions who enjoy researching your family history? Join us for a chance to talk about your triumphs and problems. This is not really a "how to" workshop, but newcomers to genealogical research are particularly welcome. Ernie Burress recently inherited 50+ years of hand-written genealogical information from his mother.
$17 T 10am-Noon Drop-In Ages: 21+
149: All About Honey Bees Limit 25
Get buzzed on honey bees: the most fascinating of insects. Learn about bees and bee behavior, taste honey varieties, learn the value of local honey and its medicinal, everyday uses. Take home recipes. Learn basic apiary care from a practicing bee keeper. Riely Woosley is a retired teacher. She currently runs the family farm with her husband and daughter. They conduct farm tours for large groups.
$28 MTW 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
150: Aging with Gusto Limit 25
Your elderhood can be a time of wisdom, health and great joy. With a good attitude and the right tools you can create your own world where you are valued and bring value. Through discussion, activities and action plans, we will go for the gusto. Lynn Halsey first attended SUUSI as a teen in 1968. A little older now, she is a senior care manager in Western NC.
$34 MTWThF 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
151: Body Image Revised (ES) CANCELLED
This workshop uses discussion and hands on activities to explore how participants feel about their body image. Through the different activities, participants will move towards bridging the gap between the real and idealized self. Jeannie Buyck, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in Roanoke, VA with 15 years experience working with body image and food related issues
$23 TTh 10am-Noon Required Ages: 18+
152: Spinoza – A 17th Century UU CANCELLED
We will look at the incredibly modern philosophy of the 17th-century sage, Baruch Spinoza. We will study his heretical religious views and political teachings. We will also examine why Spinoza may be called the most UU of the great philosophers. Daniel Spiro is an author and an attorney. He coordinates the Washington Spinoza Society and the Jewish-Islamic Dialogue Society of Washington.
$36 MTWTh 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
153: Cracking the Codes (ES) Limit 30
Help build critical bridges by confronting issues of racism, bias, and privilege with fellow SUUSIers. After watching a portion of the film, Cracking the Codes, at each session, we will pause, discuss, and share experiences. Be a part of the change. A mom, yarn store owner, & former DRE, Elizabeth received her M.Div. from Union in NY; felt SUUSI should incl. anti-racism work to build true bridges
FREE TWTh 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
154: Journey to Haiti Limit 50
Curious about what it's like to travel to Haiti with UU College of Social Justice? Come hear about this amazing and transformational experience, and what each of us can learn from these incredibly resilient and hopeful people. Carolyn and Scott are long term UUs who travelled to Haiti for a week-long Just Recovery Journey with the UU College of Social Justice.
$9 F 10am-Noon Drop-In Ages: 14+
155: The How of Happiness. Limit 25
We all want to be happy, but few of us know how to pull it off. This workshop, based on "The How of Happiness", by Sonja Lyubomirsky, will teach you scientifically validated practices that anyone can learn that will indeed lead to more happiness. Ken Knight is a retired clinical social worker. He has discovered that happy people make life better for themselves and others.
$26 MWF 10am-Noon Required Ages: 18+
156: Couples Enrichment (ES) Limit 18
We are intentional about so many other things in our lives, what about our primary relationship? We shall share ideas, examples and exercises on what makes good relationships better. We shall go over what works for others and share our own story. Kip and Kristine Barkley are a certified leader couple with Better Marriages,
$34 MTWTh 10am-Noon Required Ages: 18+
157: Thought Experiments Limit 15
Philosophers use hypothetical scenarios, often called "thought experiments", to investigate our everyday concepts. We will participate in a range of these thought experiments that raise questions about the mind, body, art, nature and ethics. Michael Gettings has been a philosophy professor at Hollins University for 16 years and enjoys exploring philosophical questions with others.
$39 MTW 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
158: uu hstry n 120 min r less Limit 25
How did two liberal but decidedly Christian religious movements end up as the Unitarian Universalism we know today? Take a fast-paced romp through the people, places events and controversies that shaped who we are and what we believe. Rev. Bill Gupton is a history buff who literally "wrote the book" on SUUSI history. He serves the Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church in Cincinnati.
$9 W 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
159: Islam & Liberalism (ES) Limit 20
The Prophet Mohammad and the Qur'aan introduced radical social justice reforms into the Arab world, vastly improving the lives of women, children, slaves and religious minorities. Come learn about Islam as you may never have seen it before. Maryah has an MA in Near Eastern Cultures, was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Jordan, & has taught and studied with Muslims in Indiana and New York City.
$43 MWF 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
160: Self Expression in Fabric Limit 12
Ever created an art quilt? Lauren Furey, an award winning textile artist, will help inspire you to express yourself in a favorite quote, fabrics, beads, buttons, & other embellishments. You'll leave the experience with a special piece to treasure~ Trained in historic weaving, Lauren Furey combines a love of textiles & fabrics in art quilting, her creations grace many UU churches and homes.
$44 MTWThF 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
161: You Are Picasso Art & You THUR Limit 35
This is a community art making workshop. Wood, charcoal, paper, lines and color. Don’t believe you are an artist? Great! Come on! Let go and create visual beauty with me. You’ll be surprised. Wed Night Concert Hour Performer Joe Crookston is a nationally touring songwriter, facilitator, visual artist, guitarist, eco-villager and fiddler.
$13 Th 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
162: You are Picasso Art & You WED Limit 35
Make a community mural. Wood, charcoal, paper, lines and color. This is a community art making workshop. Don’t believe you are an artist? Great! Come on! Let go and create visual beauty with me. You’ll be surprised. Wed Night Concert Hour performer, Joe Crookston is a nationally touring songwriter, performer, visual artist, guitarist eco-villager and fiddler.
$13 W 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
163: Intro to Alcohol Ink Limit 10
This class is perfect for anyone who has never painted before. You will learn how the inks work, texturing techniques, and how to incorporate brush work. You will leave with 2 completed cards and a kit including all you need to continue painting. Dawn teaches many workshops & loves sharing the playfulness & creativity of AI. Her AI won "Best in Show" at VA Highlands Juried Fine Arts Fest, 2014.
$33 T 10am-Noon Required Ages: 18+
164: Crochet 101 CANCELLED
You will learn the basic stitches of crochet: chain, slip stitch, single crochet and double crochet, as well as how to read patterns and create a useful article! Class includes hook and yarn to take home. Laura Moss is a fiber enthusiast. She learned to crochet at age 8, and currently knits, crochets and cross stitches whenever she gets a chance.
$19 MW 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
165: The Power of Painting CANCELLED
Join us as we explore how painting can be used for self-expression, therapy and politics. Learn basic acrylic painting techniques as we support each other in a fun and safe environment. Beginner and advanced students welcome. Hirschten is a contemporary impressionist painter, teaches painting at the Indianapolis Art Center and is a Worship Leader at UU Indianapolis.
$41 MWF 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
166: Right-side Drawing Limit 20
Be amazed by your own ability to draw! Be delighted with your ability to draw with less judgment and more joy. We will focus on seeing, on process, on practice, on self-appreciation, on ease and non-judgment. Mary Feagan, a former Catholic nun, is a poet, artist and art teacher. She now resides in St. Louis near her family.
$43 MTWThF 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
168: Introduction to SoulCollage® Limit 16
SoulCollage® is a simple collage process; a fun way to access intuitive wisdom and create a personalized card deck. As you cut, arrange, and glue images onto cards, your personal story emerges and you joyfully deepen your understanding of yourself. Currently the Dir.of Lifespan Faith Development in Binghamton, NY, Lynn Garman, MSW, trained as a SoulCollage(R) Facilitator with founder, Seena Frost
$49 MTWThF 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
169: Building Bridges with Flowers CANCELLED
Come Build a Bridge through Friends with Flowers. This workshop enables beginners & current floral arrangers to learn techniques of floral design. Each participant will be furnished with a dozen roses, a variety of greenery & vase. Michael is an experienced lecturer on Retail Marketing. He has taken floral workshop design and provided multiple arrangements @ River of Grass.
$40 M 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
170: Watercolor Plus Limit 10
Come, relax and explore any art materials you choose to bring. Basic drawing and watercolor supplies will be provided. Supportive guidance will inspire you to advance your skills and confidence. All levels of experience are welcome! Andrea Morrison explores drawing and painting with various instructors throughout the year. She brings knowledge and encouragement to her students.
$46 MTWThF 9am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
180: Get More Out of Your iPad! CANCELLED
Here's a chance to learn more about your iPad and get more out of it than a game machine or internet connector. This will be a hands-on class where you'll learn how to set one up, how to use the preferences and many of the Apps. Come join in! Denny and Karen Lauer have taught iPad classes for 3 years. The classes are fun and interactive with the Lauer's spending time working with each participant.
$29 TTh 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
181: Introduction to Ingress CANCELLED
Two factions battle for control of Earth, though portals spread all around the world. Grab your Android or iOS phone and join the fun! Uncle Flip will help you sign up - plus give tips and tricks. Then you'll go out and claim your first portals! Uncle flip heard about Ingress at SUUSI 2013. He's an active Resistance player in Alabama, and is a well-known member of his local Ingress community.
$9 M 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
182: Ingress X-faction Meet & Greet CANCELLED
Resistance and Enlightened are welcome to a cross-faction get-together. In the spirit of a game that helps make friends, we'll swap stories, strategies, and more. Not familiar with Ingress? Learn to play in workshop #181, Introduction To Ingress! Uncle flip heard about Ingress at SUUSI 2013. He's an active Resistance player in Alabama, and is a well-known member of his local Ingress community.
$9 T 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
183: Running A Sound System Limit 20
Learn how to set up and run a sound system for your service, coffeehouse, meeting, etc. Get hands on experience setting up a couple different systems, and run sound for speaking and music. You may help set up and run sound at Showcase of Stars! Christine and Aidan are members of the duo Friction Farm. They have run sound for themselves and others at a wide variety of venues.
$20 MT 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 17+
184: Poker for Beginners CANCELLED
Learn the basics of poker and test your new skills. Session 1 will be a tutorial covering poker terms, games, and winning strategies. Session 2 will be structured tournament for participants of this workshop (or last year's.) Tournament prizes! Rev. Craig Schwalenberg has been playing poker for almost 40 years. With his wife, he has taught dozens of people the basics of poker.
$35 MW 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
185: Movie making 101 Limit 15
Have you always wanted to make a movie on your computer? If you have a laptop(PC or Mac) you can do it! Come learn how to download video,edit your movie,& share it with family and friends. It is a lot easier than you think. Laptop needed. Elyse Brunt loves teaching, photography and videography. If she can teach these skills to her 5th graders, she can definitely teach you.
$18 WTh 10am-Noon Required Ages: 14+
186: Planting a Green Sanctuary CANCELLED
Making your congregation a catalyst for change is possible through Green Sanctuary (GS) certification. My congregation is in the process. Is yours? Share thoughts and progress and learn from one another. Participants will be asked to volunteer. Bonnie, is a member of Unitarian Universalists of the Blue Ridge, and outreach co-ordinator for the Environmental and Social Justice team.
$9 W 10am-Noon Drop-In Ages: 14+
187: Tarot for Beginners CANCELLED
Is your tarot deck just gathering dust? Join us for an interactive, intuitive, hands-on workshop to discover (or re-discover) your tarot cards in a relaxed atmosphere. We will focus on the meanings of the cards and how to read tarot spreads. Chris Whittaker (formerly Sofge) has taught beginning tarot workshops at SUUSI for several years.
$32 MTW 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 14+
188: Building a sustainable house Limit 25
We just built a "green" home using passive solar, solar electric panels, SIP construction, mini-splits, on demand water heating, locally sourced materials. We will share the triumphs and tragedies, real costs, descision making and building processes. Life-long home remodelers, this was our first house from the ground up. We did a ton of research to fully understand the environmental impacts & costs
$11 W 10am-Noon Drop-In Ages: 18+
189: Whittling for Beginners Limit 20
Carving and whittling small wooden items using standard whittling tools, carving knives and X-acto style blades as well as small rotary tools. The items would be no larger than jewelry or silverware size and would be finished in the class. I have a Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and 5 years Art History teaching experience at the college level.
$58 MTWThF 10am-Noon Preferred Ages: 17+
191: Newcomers Tour Monday @ 10 (PD) Limit 99
Is this your first SUUSI, your first SUUSI at Virginia Tech, or are you just confused?! We can help! Join us for a tour of the VT campus to help you acclimate to your home for the next 5 days. Leaves from the Nature Tent.
FREE M 10-10:45am Drop-In Ages: 0+
200: Creating Meaningful Rituals CANCELLED
Ritual touches us in ways that words cannot, any ritual—joys and concerns in our lives, sabbats with a CUUPS chapter, Wheel of the Year events in our congregation. We'll learn steps involved in creating meaningful ritual and we’ll practice together. Mary Ann Somervill discovered early on her delight in creating rituals. SUUSI folk have experienced some of her rituals over the years.
$18 TTh 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
201: Create Your Own Ritual CANCELLED
Learn the basics of Earth-Centered worship and learn how to create a ritual that is meaningful to you. On the final day of the workshop, we will join together and create an empowerment ritual as a group. Jill has been practicing Wicca for over 20 years and has been active in CUUPS since becoming a UU.
$27 TWTh 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 18+
202: Tarot Salon CANCELLED
Let's talk tarot! Come relax in the tarot salon and share your favorite tarot stories. We'll read for each other and talk tarot decks, meanings and "problem cards." Some prior experience with tarot appreciated. Be sure to bring your favorite deck(s)! Chris Whittaker (formerly Sofge) has offered tarot workshops at SUUSI for the last several years. She reads for friends and her community.
$11 Th 2-4pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
203: Capture that "SUUSI Feeling" CANCELLED
Hate leaving SUUSI each year? Participants will learn about hypnosis and have the opportunity to learn a powerful hypnotic technique for bringing back the positive feelings and images of SUUSI to carry with them throughout the year. Cheryl DeDecker is a Board Certified Hypnotist with advanced training in Complementary Medical Hypnosis and HypnoCoaching.
$6 F 2-4pm Required Ages: 18+
204: Introduction to Memoir (ES) CANCELLED
Are you interested in documenting a spiritual or physical journey, deepening understanding of a relationship, or recording your life for your grandkids? Practice some techniques for getting started, drawing in readers, and digging for deeper meaning. Maryah has been writing all her life, studied creative writing in college, and recently fell in love with memoir.
$52 MWF 2-4pm Required Ages: 14+
205: Morning Worship Discussion Limit 40
Join SUUSI regulars and newcomers in a lively discussion of that morning’s worship service. When possible, the presenter will attend and lead the discussion. Denny Smith is a long-time attendee of, and active participant in, this workshop and looks forward to continuing its strong tradition.
FREE MTWThF 4:15-5:15pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
206: Wrestling With God Limit 20
What are our views of God. Two popular workshop leaders will present a summary of historical and philosophical views, and encourage your reflections on the subject. Daniel Spiro and Morris Hudgins have written books on the subject as they have grappled with the meaning of Divinity.
$35 MTWTh 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 17+
210: Rock Star (PD) Limit 10
In the tradition of Old School of Rock, this workshop will gather anyone with musical talent (sing, play an instrument) who wants to experience being a rock star. The workshop will focus on stage presence, showmanship, and general presentation. Victor Montequin and Larry Vita have been members of Old School of Rock for several years and have an extensive musical background performing in bands
$35 TW 2-4pm Required Ages: 18+
211: Steel Steal II: Steelpans 2015 CANCELLED
Hear, touch and experience steelpans, aka “steel drums”. Humor, history and information by leader. Steelpans by Kelman of the Trinidad Big 3. Doug LaVerne has over 35 years experience in solo, band, and parade steel gigs, travels from Atlanta to Trinidad, and scientific and technical Information.
$18 MTWTh 2-3pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
212: Making The Most of Your Voice! CANCELLED
A supportive hands-on singing workshop. From breathing and stretching techniques to vocal warmups and beyond, learn to sing more effectively standing, sitting, solo, in ensemble (harmony), and with instruments. Start wherever you're at and grow! Joe Jencks is an international touring performer, songwriter, entertainer, and musician as well as a co-founder of the harmony trio Brother Sun.
$59 TWThF 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
213: Why Are Song Circles at Night? Limit 25
The nocturnally challenged have a chance to enjoy sharing music. Participants are encouraged to bring a song to share. We will examine the ways that harmonious group singing is so powerful. What hormones can we credit? What spiritual fulfillment? Rich loves the music at SUUSI. Particularly the Late Night Song Circles that start at midnight. But the years are catching up.
$9 F 2-4pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
214: Street Theory Limit 25
A basic music theory primer of all the useful skills available for the musician, no matter what their skill level. Reading music and tab, scales, basic harmony, rhythm, how chords work and keys. For all singers and musicians, all levels. Kiya ( Stealin Horses, Wishing Chair) is an award winning internationally touring singer songwriter and trained composer.
$22 MT 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
215: School of Rock: Teens and YA's (PD) Limit 20
This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to perform in a rock band during SUUSI at the end of the week. Participants must bring their instrument(s) (guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, etc.), cables, accessories, and amplification. Brian Nickel and Jeff Nickel have been co-leaders for several years and are graduates of Berklee College of Music.
$60 MTWTh 1-4pm Required Ages: 14-25
216: Sing Justice! Limit 40
Did you know we've sung our liberal theology since the 4th century? Calling all rabblerousers to ring the rafters with favorite songs and artists you know, or do you? AND, we'll try our hand at our own justice song, too! (Based on Amy's new book!) Amy's a UU minister, national performing songwriter/composer, recording artist, workshop facilitator, voice and song coach. This is her 17th SUUSI!
$10 T 2-4pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
217: SUUSI Showcase of Stars Limit 75
If Cabaret is too late for you or if you can't get enough music at night, join us each afternoon for music in the round. The daily list of performers will be posted at the Cabaret door. Robby Greenberg is the past director of Cabaret, Nightlife and the South Florida Folk Festival.
$22 MTWThF 2-4pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
218: SUUSIboyz Limit 30
The all-male chorus of fun, song, & camaraderie. The iconic SUUSIboyz sing at Cabaret, Worship & the Cafeteria. For 20+ years we have welcomed new Boyz of all singing levels. Conveniently scheduled so you may still attend afternoon workshops.Join us! Alexis Jones, longtime SUUSI participant & leader of SUUSIboyz for 20 years, enjoys helping create the rich & joyful singing of male voices on campus.
$22 MTWThF 1-2pm Preferred Ages: 18+
220: Aspects of Healing CANCELLED
This workshop is a overview of many different topics related to healing, including some scientific research that supports the concept that our thoughts and emotions can influence and impact our health and ability to heal. Margie Hallmark is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner with a scientific background and an interest in how thoughts and emotions influence health.
$18 TTh 2-4pm Required Ages: 21+
221: Learn Argentine Tango (PD) CANCELLED
Learn Argentine Tango to participate in a Tango party (Milonga). Emphasis will be on simplicity, practice, practical skills, musicality, connection with your partner and fun. Join your local Tango community after SUUSI. Andy has been teaching Argentine Tango since 2007. He provides weekly Tango lessons at his own dance studio and organizes weekly Milongas.
$43 MTWThF 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
222: Line Dancing (PD) Limit 40
Country & Western Line Dancing. Come join the fun and learn the latest and most popular line dances. If you can walk, you can line dance. Mary Nell McLauchlin has attended more than 30 SUUSIs.
$24 MTWTh 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
223: Beginning Ballroom Dance (PD) Limit 40
Enjoy exploring the physical, mental, and social benefits of ballroom dancing. Students will learn the basics of ballroom dancing which can be used in social situations. No dance experience is required. Singles, couples and same-sex couples welcome. Michael Recant and Deborah hood have been amateur ballroom dancers since the 1980's. They are very active in the Richmond, VA ballroom community.
$36 MTWThF 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
224: Goddess Yoga (PD) Limit 30
Take on the power and postures of 26 goddesses from around the world. This moving meditation has a spoken affirmation and is designed to develop flexibility, grace, strength, balance and a positive self image. Comfy clothes and yoga mat please. Betsy is a feminist bellydancing pagan massage therapist and used all that to create Goddess Grace:A Moving Meditation in '93. She loves teaching it.
$9 T 2-4pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
225: Goddess Belly Dance Alive! (PD) Limit 30
We'll start by learning some basic bellydance movements. Then spend some time playing with variations. We'll finish by putting it all together in a fun and fast-paced dance workout. Wear clothes you can move in and a hip scarf if you have it. Betsy has been bellydancing for over 30 years and loves seeing other women expand their self-expression through movement.
$9 Th 2-4pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
226: Geocaching 101 CANCELLED
Learn the basics of Geocaching-- the world-wide, cooperative treasure hunt that uses GPS coordinates. After a brief tutorial, we'll find a variety of geocaches around the VT campus using our smart phones. (A GPS or Geocaching app would help.) Craig and Cheryl have been geocaching for 6 years, have hidden 30+ geocahes, and have found 1,300+. They have led this popular workshop twice before.
$25 T 2-5pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
227: Build Bridge Mind,Body&Spirit (PD) Limit 10
To fully embrace spiritual living we must build bridges between our body, mind & spirit. This 3 part workshop explores movement & dance, acting as a means to empathy & self awareness for all ages.Workshop 1: Dance and movement. Workshop 2: Acting. Matthew Davis, the Fahs Fellow for Kinesthetic and Creative Faith Formation, has been teaching RE for the past 5 years with theater and dance.
FREE TW 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
228: Dancing for Earlier Birds (PD) CANCELLED
Is Serendipity too late for you? Do you long to shake your groove thing AND to get enough sleep? Enjoy a nighttime disco ambiance in the middle of the afternoon while dancing to hits from the 50's to today as well as your requests! Elizabeth loves dancing more than food--especially at SUUSI. She collects dance music and enjoys sharing music that has undeniable groove.
$27 MTWThF 2-4pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
229: Midweek Yoga Break (PD) Limit 15
Need a midweek break from the excitement of SUUSI? Got sore muscles or stiff joints from three days of SUUSI fun? Take a well-earned time out to refresh and renew with yoga. We'll stretch. We'll play. We'll relax. Some yoga experience required. Rev. Bill Gupton (RYT-200) returns to the SUUSI yoga mat, eager to help you work out those midweek kinks and prepare for the rest of the week!
$14 W 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
230: Introduction to Healing Touch Limit 18
Healing Touch (HT) is an energy-based healing modality that brings balance and harmony to the body's energy system for the purpose of healing. You will learn about HT, its history, and a few basic HT techniques to help yourself and others. Margie Hallmark is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner seeking to increase awareness and understanding of Healing Touch and its many benefits.
$9 W 2-4pm Required Ages: 21+
231: Mandala Block Printing (PD) Limit 15
Make a unique block-printed Mandala without having to carve! You will choose from a variety of pre-carved, nesting rings to make individualized designs. We'll explore printing processes, color mixing, and the use of the mandala as a meditation aid. Emilie teaches Adult Education classes online and in sunny south Florida in printmaking, bookbinding, creative processes, and mindful making.
$60 TWTh 2-5pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
232: Zumba (PD) Limit 28
Join the dance party! Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps. It's an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, calorie-burning dance party. Janet Turner-Hampton received her Zumba Instructor certification 2012. This is her 3rd year teaching Zumba at SUUSI, and 10th year teaching yoga.
$11 MW 4:45-5:45pm Preferred Ages: 14+
240: Living Fully: Take SUUSI Home Limit 50
Do you have a hard time finding that SUUSI spark when you're home? Come for conversation, reflection, fun and music as we explore and learn what's behind living life more fully during the non-SUUSI weeks! Jen Lucas is at her 35th SUUSI this year. She used to be stricken with post-SUUSI depression, but no longer! She now teaches people about thriving and where joy comes from.
$9 Th 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
241: NaNoWriMo 101 Limit 35
So you want to write a novel? Try National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and produce a 50,000 word draft in 30 days. Learn strategies and techniques to make yourself a winner! Laura Moss has successfully completed eight National Novel Writing Months. She writes a daily blog as well as fiction.
$9 T 2-4pm Required Ages: 14+
250: Parenting Teens Together (ES) CANCELLED
If you have a teenager, join this guided discussion group to share the ups and downs of this unique phase of the parenting journey. We will journal, reflect, share our joys and concerns, and build a safe, supportive community of parents. The leaders of this workshop are parents to two teens and were foster parents for over ten years.
$18 MW 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 18+
251: MASTEN by jones Limit 20
Ric Masten, The UU Troubadour --- we will review Ric's writings and music on living, relationships (marriage contract), as well as death (as a part of living), including a bibliography of Ric's work. It's going to be fun! I have loved being a part of this Reunion since 1973, and enjoys sharing experiences with others, especially in watching folks expand their talents.
$45 MTWTh 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 18+
252: An Intro to the Grateful Dead Limit 21
Perhaps the most iconic rock and roll band ever,the Grateful Dead need no introduction to many of us. Come join us for a look at the music created during their nearly 30 years together from the acid tests until the death of Jerry Garcia in 1995. Ernie Burress still considers the Grateful Dead his favorite band, more than 40 years after first hearing their music.
$18 TTh 2-4pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
253: Discovering Your Strengths Limit 12
What are your strengths and do you focus on them or your weaknesses? Explore your unique strengths, how they have shown up, and how you can leverage them more in your life. A revealing and fun workshop, using the book Strengthsfinder 2.0. Christine Haskins is a professional facilitator and personal coach who has led Strengths sessions for over 8 years.
$52 TWTh 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
254: Mental Health in America CANCELLED
Crazy: A Father's Search Through America's Mental Health Madness by Pete Early is a personal and informative look at the de-institutionalism of the mental health system in the US. Come discuss the book and the state of mental health in America. Daria Akers, a middle class mother of 2, has experienced the successes and failures of the mental health system in VA.
$9 W 2-4pm Required Ages: 18+
255: Single @ SUUSI Limit 20
Join us for a Singles Guided Workshop. During the workshop we will discuss opportunities and challenges of being single at SUUSI. This workshop will encourage input from participants on topics for discussion and other activities. Michael married Emilie in October 2013 after a being single both inside and outside the SUUSI community.
$25 TTh 2-4pm Required Ages: 18+
256: Elements of Story Telling Limit 25
Stories are what people remember. Whether you are a Sunday preacher, a social activist, or the life of the next party, you can be even better. We will swap and practice story telling techniques. Attendees are invited to bring 5-minute stories. Kip Barkley tells stories to the unsuspecting in meetings, workshops, checkout lines and Sunday Services. He is in now for 24 years
$26 MTW 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
257: Embracing Change Limit 50
Feeling stuck? Things moving too fast? Some of us have a hard time shifting gears and starting new projects or feel like the world is speeding up and leaving us behind. Harness the process of change using "Change Cycle by Martha Beck" as a model. Julica Hermann has been leading groups through change since 1994, and delights in bringing music, movement and joy to learning experiences.
FREE TW 2-4pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
260: Jewelry Basics: Design for Fun CANCELLED
This is a fun "how to" class for designing jewelry by learning basic techniques to create at least one pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a necklace. Learn about beadwork design - one of the oldest human art forms and make jewelry for you or friends. Karen Lauer is an experienced bead artist and teacher. For many years she has exhibited at the Artisan's Bazaar and craft shows in Florida.
$51 MTW 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
261: Beauuti-full Bellies CANCELLED
Calling all baby bellies! If you are "showing" and would like to immortalize your beauuti-full belly, come and we will make a plaster cast work of art of your torso. Then on to decorating with paint or decoupage with fabric. Valerie is a Lactation Consultant. Sandy is a midwife. Both are RN's. They use art to celebrate and hold special moments in time.
$40 TTh 2-4pm Drop-In Ages: 17+
262: Intro E. Asian Brush Painting CANCELLED
This class is perfect for anyone who has never painted before. Students will learn the age-old brush strokes of the Chinese Masters. Quality materials (Chinese brush, ink stick & ink stone, rice paper, and felt)are included in the class fee. Dawn studied Chinese Brush Painting with Sharon Bennett & Yuming Zhu. Her art work has won awards & been sold in many exhibits and festivals.
$101 MTWTh 2-5pm Required Ages: 18+
263: Hand-cut Screen Printing Limit 15
Handcut Screen Printing- A simple method for printing t-shirts, fabrics, and paper! The process can be done at home with your screens that you will keep. Bring an Xacto knife and design ideas (start with 8 1/2x11 or less.) Class is cooperative!:) Christopher Purcell has been the youth program "Art Guy" for the past 7 yrs, and has been teaching art (and screen printing) for 35 yrs.
$38 MTW 2-4pm Required Ages: 14+
264: Drawing Celtic Knots Limit 12
Celtic knotwork has been used for centuries in both art and religion. No artistic background is required to learn this simple technique which will allow you to produce decorative items. In addition, you will learn how to use the practice to meditate. Debbie Allen several times assisted an artist in teaching this technique to children. She has used it in her own spiritual practice for several years.
$23 F 2-4pm Required Ages: 14+
265: Modular Origami Star Limit 14
Construct an origami star polyhedron that makes a good ornament on a Christmas tree. This is a modular model; that is, it is made by constructing pieces and fitting them together. We will make the two intersecting tetrahedra model. Jim Blowers has a PhD in mathematics. At graduate school, conferences, and through YouTube, he discovered several ways of making polyhedron models.
$11 Th 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
266: coloring copper jewelry CANCELLED
Color copper jewelry using Prismacolor pencils. In this workshop we will decorate various copper shapes with colored pencils inspired by SUUSI, nature or whatever moves you. Create a necklace, or a pair of earrings than are one of a kind For several years I have been creating jewelry and other decorative items using metal. My work is available in the Artisan Bazaar
$36 TTh 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
267: Creating SoulCollage® Cards Limit 16
SoulCollage® is a simple collage process; a fun way to access intuitive wisdom. Come for an afternoon of self-discovery, a quick overview of SoulCollage, and the chance to make a card or two. New or continuing collagers welcome! Currently the Dir.of Lifespan Faith Development in Binghamton, NY, Lynn Garman, MSW, trained as a SoulCollage(R) Facilitator with founder, Seena Frost
$13 W 2-4pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
268: No-Sew Quilted Christmas Ball CANCELLED
Christmas is RIGHT around the corner. Come learn to make an awesome no-sew quilted Christmas ornament that will astound your friends and family. To save your fingers please bring a thimble to class. Daria Akers is an avid crafter who enjoys sharing her passion for crafts with other.
$14 M 2-4pm Required Ages: 14+
269: Sequence Painting Level I Limit 10
This unique approach was developed at River Gallery School in VT. It allows us the freedom to enter into oil painting in a non-threatening and non-judgmental way. It has great appeal to novice painters and experienced artists alike. It's inspiring! Louisa is a greeting card designer, a singer, a teacher, and - since learning Sequencing - even calls herself a painter!
$33 T 1-4pm Required Ages: 14+
270: The basics of brewing beer Limit 30
This workshop will take you through the steps of brewing beer. Without getting too technical we will discuss what is happening in each step and include a glossary of terminology. We will also discuss the different styles of beers. Rick Hallmark has been a home brewer since 1997 and has brought a homebrew for the SUUSI beer tasting workshop since 2008.
$11 T 2-4pm Required Ages: 21+
271: Soft Drinks Around the World Limit 16
Nearly every place has a local favorite dish, but most also have a local favorite drink. Take your taste buds on a whirlwind world tour, sampling soft drinks from nearly every continent. Most are fizzy, some are odd, all reflect their origins. Debbie Allen has always loved travel, and has tried "local drinks" in 12 countries and many regions of the US.
$20 W 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
272: Making Coffees Hard Core (PD) Limit 20
Bring better coffee into your life through exploring the various coffee regions and their unique flavors. Derrick Peavy and Uncle Flip are part time home coffee roasters and fans of good coffee. A well liked and fun workshop.
$20 T 2-4pm Required Ages: 14+
273: Sequence Painting Level II (W) Limit 10
Welcome back to Sequence Painting! If you have taken SP Level I at SUUSI, this is a time to simply come and PAINT. A short refresher and some instruction will be given, but emphasis will be on expanding and playing with our process and approach. Louisa is a greeting card designer, a singer, a teacher, and - since learning Sequencing - even calls herself a painter!
$33 W 1-4pm Required Ages: 14+
280: DIY Green Housecleaning Limit 15
Learn how to clean your house, get rid of pests and tend your garden in an economical and environmentally friendly way. Get clean and go green! Learn how to save the planet and your wallet at the same time. Jill is a Registered Nurse who has been using many of these formulas for years to keep her home clean and green!
$10 M 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 17+
281: Painless Style Limit 12
Having a personal style shouldn't be intimidating. It's empowering! At its core, it means expressing your personality so that everyone can see you shine. This workshop will combine simple guidelines with specific recommendations in a caring atmosphere. Kate Clark gets made fun of (with love) every year for looking put-together at SUUSI. Now you can, too!
$17 M 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 18+
282: Backyard Chickens 101 Limit 30
Come get all the information and inspiration you'll need to decide if raising your own backyard chickens could be in your future. We'll cover the fun stuff with photos and videos and dive into the dirty details of costs, coop cleaning, and more! Leslie Freymann has had backyard chickens for 6 years and loves to help get others get motivated and started on raising their own flock.
$9 W 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
283: Massage Taught by an Amateur CANCELLED
Want magic fingers? Taught by the Massage Chair Guy, this workshop explores types of touch, shares different surface and deep strokes, teaches how to *see* with your fingers,and helps create massages for different occasions, including self-massage. Star Muir has a Ph.D. in Rhetoric, has been teaching for 30 years, and his wife married him for his hands.
$32 MWF 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 21+
284: Play Bridge Limit 16
SUUSI schedules fill up so fast, it's hard for card players to arrange games -- unless it's built in up front. Hence, this workshop for intermediate/advanced bridge players. Most of the time is dedicated to playing duplicate bridge. Susan Hill and Phoenix Putney play duplicate in NC; over 90 years of bridge experience between them. They've played pick-up games at SUUSI for years.
$22 MTW 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
285: Healing with Massage Limit 20
You'll learn some simple massage techniques to reduce or eliminate pain and provide deep relaxation and stress release. You'll have a chance to practice on yourself and a partner. Bring a mat or blanket and wear clothes you can move comfortably in. Betsy has been a professional massage therapist in NC for 31 years. She loves getting people out of pain and helping them learn to help themselves.
$26 MW 2-5pm Preferred Ages: 18+
286: History of Baseball part III CANCELLED
History of Baseball part III We will discuss the Giants, both in New York and San Francisco. We'll start in the 1880's with their Tammany Hall roots, meet John McGraw and Christy Mathewson, then Willie Mays and the move to San Francisco. A lifelong baseball fan, I've spent way too much time on baseball history, statistics, and fantasy.
$11 Th 2-4pm Preferred Ages: 14+
287: SUUSI Crossword Tournament Limit 21
Are you a crossword puzzle aficionado? Do you enjoy working the crosswords from the New York Times? Are you the best puzzlers that you know? Come join us for a little friendly crossword competition in the 3rd Annual SUUSI Crossword Tournament. Ernie Burress has enjoyed crossword puzzles for many years.
$9 M 2-4pm Drop-In Ages: 21+
288: Men's Support Group (ES) Limit 35
This room defines the space; we men bring life and energy to that space. Share with other who have your same birthright. the glory of manhood. This group leads itself. No registration necessary -- just stop by. This group leads itself.
FREE MTWThF 4-5:30pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
290: Serving on the SUUSI Board Limit 35
The SUUSI Board makes decisions about SUUSI's location, policies, leadership, and budget. Each year the SUUSI community elects 2 new Board members, 1 Teen (age 14-17) and 1 adult representative. yo
FREE M 1-1:45pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
291: Getting on SUUSI Staff Limit 35
Members of the SUUSI Core Staff and SUUSI Board will share the recipe for SUUSI and the details about how SUUSI magically happens year after year. Stop by to learn about the organizational structure, history, schedule, and programs. Led by some SUUSI staffers.
FREE W 1-1:45pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
292: Newcomers Tour Sunday @ 2 Limit 50
Is this your first SUUSI, your first SUUSI at Virginia Tech, or are you just confused?! We can help! Join us for a tour of the VT campus to help you acclimate to your home for the next 5 days. Leaves from the Nature Tent.
FREE Su 2-2:45pm Drop-In Ages: 0+
293: Newcomers Tour Sunday @ 3 Limit 50
Is this your first SUUSI, your first SUUSI at Virginia Tech, or are you just confused?! We can help! Join us for a tour of the VT campus to help you acclimate to your home for the next 5 days. Leaves from the Nature Tent.
FREE Su 3-3:45pm Drop-In Ages: 0+
320: Parkour! (ES) (PD) Limit 13
Parkour: the sport/discipline of overcoming obstacles quickly & efficiently. Obstacles are everywhere: walls, railings, wide gaps, rocks, buildings, physical ability, self-doubt, fear. Everyone regardless of experience or physical adroitness welcome! Having practiced Parkour for some 8 years, Cliff has taught hundreds of individuals, classes, and led many workshops in and outside of SUUSI.
$22 TTh 8-10pm Preferred Ages: 14+
321: Night Geocaching 201 CANCELLED
Learn the basics of Night Geocaching, caches that can only be found at night. Take a guided walk around the VT campus and find a variety of different styles of night caches. Bring a flashlight or headlamp. Beginners welcome! Craig & Cheryl have been geocaching for 6 years. They have hidden 3 night caches and have found dozens. They have taught this workshop twice before.
$33 T 9-11pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
340: Authors You Know. Books You Don't. Limit 40
Dive into the world of obscure children's books by well-known authors. Everyone loves How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but what about My Many Colored Days? The Polar Express made Chris Van Allsburg famous, but what about The Sweetest Fig? Kate Clark is madly in love with children's literature and she doesn't care who knows. She is a librarian, though, so it's probably requited.
$17 M 8-10pm Preferred Ages: 14+
360: Adult Tie Dye (PD) Limit 15
Why should the children have all of the fun? Come on over to the Youth Tie-Dye room and create three of your very own masterpieces! Expect to learn and have fun! Bring natural material and your imagination. Bring at least one t-shirt to get started. Jenna Dutrow has worked with the youth tie-dye for several years.
$24 M 8-10pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
361: Felt Coffee Mug Sleeves CANCELLED
You bring your bags to the grocery store- why not bring your own coffee sleeve to your favorite shop? Join me for a fun, fast tutorial and walk away with your own personality filled coffee sleeve and templates to make more for all your cool friends:) Emilie teaches Adult Education classes online and in sunny south Florida in printmaking, bookbinding, creative processes, and mindful making.
$11 T 8-9pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
362: Hanky Psanky Limit 11
Using eggs, wax, dye and flame we will create beautiful colorful keepsake eggs. Valerie loves to engage in social art gatherings. Everyone can make art and Valerie loves to offer that opportunity.
$9 M 8-10pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
363: Adult Tie Dye 2 (PD) Limit 10
Why should the children have all of the fun? Come on over to the Youth Tie-Dye room and create three of your very own masterpieces! Expect to learn and have fun! Bring natural material and your imagination. Bring at least one t-shirt to get started. Jenna Dutrow has worked with the youth tie-dye for several years.
$24 Th 8-10pm Preferred Ages: 14+
365: BBQuusi Limit 100
If you like to eat food, stay up late and socialize this is the place for you. We’ve got good eats for veggie-vores and meatie-vores, hot off the grill. It’s Sun, Mon, Wed and Fri nights 1-3:30am (which is technically early in the morning MTThSa). Andrés Acebo and Taylor Steel are both veteran cooks. Andrés Acebo has been in the restaurant industry for 17 years in every possible capacity, Taylor Steel is also a kitchen veteran, both love to cook!
$15 SuFMW 1-3:30am Drop-In Ages: 18+
370: SUUSI Beer & Homebrew Tasting CANCELLED
Come sample beer brewed & loved by your fellow SUUSIites, and learn a few things about beer & brewing at the same time! Enjoy different kinds of brews-bitter to sweet, hoppy to malty-and great friends. Bring your taste buds with you! SUUSI has boasted many talented beer brewers, and drinkers, for many years. We're always up for sharing knowledge-and beer!
$29 T 8-11pm Required Ages: 21+
371: SUUSI Beer/Homebrew Tasting 2 Limit 70
Come sample beer brewed & loved by your fellow SUUSIites, and learn a few things about beer & brewing at the same time! Enjoy different kinds of brews-bitter to sweet, hoppy to malty-and great friends. Bring your taste buds with you! SUUSI has boasted many talented beer brewers, and drinkers, for many years. We're always up for sharing knowledge-and beer!
$29 Th 8-11pm Required Ages: 21+
372: Wine and Cheese Pairings #1 Limit 40
Everyone thinks of wine and cheese going together. Why? Because they're awesome! Try some tasty wines and some heavenly cheese. You may not have tried these before, but you'll want to try them again! Two identical sessions on different evenings. Michael has been drinking wine for many years, and is always interested in hearing about what everyone else thinks of the selections.
$35 T 8-10pm Required Ages: 21+
373: Wine and Cheese Pairings #2 Limit 40
Everyone thinks of wine and cheese going together. Why? Because they're awesome! Try some tasty wines and some heavenly cheese. You may not have tried these before, but you'll want to try them again! Two identical sessions on different evenings. Michael has been drinking wine for many years, and is always interested in hearing about what everyone else thinks of the selections.
$35 W 8-10pm Required Ages: 21+
374: A Port Wine Tasting World tour CANCELLED
What is port wine? How is it different from other fortified wines? What makes for a good port wine, one worth sharing with others? To answer these question and more, our class will sample and discuss port wines from around the world. Stacy is an experienced leader of tasting for a variety of alcohols. She hails from Boston where Port is plentiful and aggressively sampled.
$35 T 8-10pm Required Ages: 21+
375: Rum Tasting Limit 30
New England has a storied history with the rum trade. In the last 10 years, local distillers have revived vintage rums - including authentic 18th century brews. We will sample a selection chosen by the oldest & largest Boston run tasting group. Stacy Colella hails from Boston where she attends a well-known rum tasting. She is also a trained organic chemist.
$35 W 8-10pm Required Ages: 21+
376: Chocolate Tasting Limit 16
Do you eat the ears or the feet first on your chocolate bunny? Or do you hold out for REALLY good chocolate instead? Either way, this may be the workshop for you. Sample a variety of chocolates, mostly fair trade, in a relaxed setting. Debbie Allen has loved chocolate for over half a century and thinks chocolate may be in a tie with laughter as the best medicine.
$24 T 8-10pm Preferred Ages: 14+
377: 6 Go-To Wines You Will Love Limit 40
Come learn about the 6 most popular wines varietals (Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon). We will learn basics of wine tasting from wines from around the world to make your next wine selection a breeze. Jeannie Buyck and Michael Gettings have been drinking and enjoying wine for a very long time and love to share their enthusiasm.
$28 T 8-10pm Required Ages: 21+
378: Tasting Sherry CANCELLED
For centuries, sherry was considered one of the world’s great wines, spoken about in the same reverential terms as the finest Bordeaux and Burgundies. In the last few decades, sherry lost its way—and cheap, sweet blends sullied the reputation. Stacy is an experienced leader of tasting for a variety of alcohols. She hails from Boston where Spirits are plentiful and aggressively sampled.
$30 M 8-10pm Required Ages: 21+
380: Learn & Play Cooperative Games Limit 12
Come learn about and play some Cooperative Games, where everyone works together to beat the game. We'll play Forbidden Island, Sentinels of the Multiverse, and Betrayal at House on the Hill. No experience needed. Rik Schell & Art Schell have been playing games together for over 10 years. They are big fans of Settlers of Catan, Fluxx, & other learned at SUUSI.
$5 W 8-11pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
381: Learn & Play Board Games Limit 12
Come learn about and play some great Board Games! Build your railway empire in Ticket to Ride. Follow the path with Tsuro. Tell an inspired short story with Dixit. Wonderful games for the whole family. Beginners welcome! Rik Schell & Art Schell have been playing games together for over 10 years. They are big fans of Settlers of Catan, Fluxx, & other learned at SUUSI.
$5 T 8-11pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
382: Learn & Play Cool Card Games Limit 12
Come learn to play some great Card Games! Master the chaos of a game in Flux. Be a lumberjack with Flapjacks & Sasquatches. Woo the princess with your Love Letter. Find the right word with Quiddler. Beginners welcome! Fun for all ages! Rik Schell & Art Schell have been playing games together for over 10 years. They are big fans of Settlers of Catan, Fluxx, & other learned at SUUSI.
$5 M 8-11pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
383: Cohousing Tour (PD) Limit 50
Cohousing is a modern alternative for creating an old-fashioned, sustainable community where neighbors interact that is popular among UUs. We'll tour Shadowlake Village Cohousing, a neighborhood in Blacksburg. Eat dinner before the tour. Peter and Molly Lazar have lived in cohousing for over a decade. They are also working to bring cohousing to the Charlottesville area.
$9 M 5:30-7:30pm Required Ages: 14+
389: 12-Step Support Group (ES) Limit 35
Current and potential members of 12-Step groups are invited to meet in the evenings to connect with supportive people. This group leads itself; no registration necessary -- just stop by. This group leads itself.
FREE SuMTWThF 8-9pm Drop-In Ages: 14+
410: Teen Way Off Broadway (TWOB) (ES) (PD) Limit 25
Year after year, TWOB cast members deliver an inspiring musical for the SUUSI community. It is rehearsed, staged and performed entirely during the week of SUUSI and the results are always truly magical. You may know them as Catwoman and Batman from TWOB 2005, Sarah and Alan are happy to be directing TWOB again this year!
$40 M 9:30am-Noon, M 7-8pm, T 11am-Noon, T 1-4pm, W 11am-Noon, W 1-4pm, Th 11am-Noon, Th 1-4pm, F 10am-6pm, F 6-8:30pm, F 8:30-10pm, and F 10pm-Midnight Required Ages: 14-17
450: Artisans' Bazaar Limit 32
For 10% commission on sales over $350 and 4 working hours, we provide you with space to sell your original work. Items must be priced/inventoried prior to arrival. Set up before our 4PM meeting on Sunday. Bethany Cecere, Deb Kantor, and Sharon Beecher are all Artisans' Bazaar veterans and are looking forward to another fun year!
$45 MTWThF 10:30am-6:30pm Preferred Ages: 18+